Local entrepreneurs empowering Africa and reconstructing African identity

By: Anna Carle.   I remember visiting Addis Ababa in the spring of 2013 and how astonished I was sitting in the boiling van, observing the chaotic and hectic streets of this vibrant urban city, known as the political capital of Africa. Coming from the spotless and strictly systematized city of Stockholm on a first... Continue Reading →


The path to emancipation: Angolan Women

By: Luísa Rodrigues and Gustavo Mello Viegas.   From the late years of the old Ndondo kingdom to the now free, democratic and developing country that Angola has flourished into, there have been a number of notable women that have set a heroic example of determination, patriotism and courage. Queen Nzinga famously fought against the... Continue Reading →

Women, power and land in Zimbabwe

By: Anya Moffattova   "If women want property, then they should not get married." Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe 1980-2017   The redistribution of Zimbabwe's land during the Fast Track Land Reform Process (FTLRP), initiated by President Robert Mugabe in 2000, was the forcible appropriation of land which had been the property of white settlers... Continue Reading →

The Madaraka Express Railway

By: Cameron Grant. Last August, my family and I travelled from Mombasa to Nairobi on the new Madaraka Express railway line. It was the talk of Kenya. We were treating it like the latest ride in an amusement park. The journey length is nothing noteworthy; it is neither a Trans-Siberian style marathon track nor a... Continue Reading →

Afropolitanism: Making Sense of Contemporary African Diasporic Identities

By: Dylan Howel. For decades the sustained debate surrounding ‘African identity’ has focussed directly on the oppositional qualities of the topic. Contrasts between Western and African identity in dichotomous terms has highlighted the perceived disconnectedness of the two spheres. Years after independence and into the post-colonial world, an undifferentiated holistic identity has been reproduced through... Continue Reading →

The Woman Behind Mugabe

By: Kyra Ward. After thirty-seven years of power Robert Mugabe has been ousted in a military coup. Mugabe is one of the most controversial leaders in recent history. Heralded by some as the emancipator of the British colony of Rhodesia, now modern day Zimbabwe, and by others as another African dictator (Winter, 2017), Mugabe has regardless... Continue Reading →

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